> I certainly don't think the lib interface is anywhere near stable:
> Linus accepted my change to index_fd far too easily.

Noted, thanks for the info.

(This makes a lot of sense, Git is evolving very fast.  I haven't
looked at Git since mid-April, and I'm very much impressed at the
difference between 0.6 and 0.99.)

> Ugh.  That's what they do in the commercial world.  We have it so much
> better here in Linux & BSD land: you just add a "depends libgit1" line
> to your package, and the right thing happens: minor updates happen
> automatically and changes that break the interface don't.

This is, of course, only possible when there are stable interfaces,
which in turn make change problematic.  (Which, as far as I
understand, is the very reason why the Linux kernel tree contains
everyone's and his brother's driver rather than having a stable module
ABI, but that's besides the point.)

> Darcs and git work together to determine the minimal amount
> that needs to go into libgit1.so.

Hold on...  Nobody is speaking about *binary* compatibility, it's
source-level compatibility that we need.  There is absolutely no
reason to introduce the complexities of shared libraries into the

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