Wolfgang Denk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I wander what I should do with "cg-mkpatch" generated output;  I  had
> the  impression that this should be usable with "cg-patch", but these
> are incompatible with each other. Forexample. if  a  commit  contains
> permission changes, my generated patch may look like this:

Yes, cg-patch does grok git extended diff headers, but does it
by hand and missing corner cases like this is understandable.

I only briefly looked at cg-patch, but I suspect that it can
lose 90% lines of its code by just using "git-apply --index".

I see cg-patch wants to be able to do reverse patch, which is
not supported by git-apply currently.

Do people find "cg-patch -R" useful?

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