On Sat, 23 Jul 2005, Petr Baudis wrote:
> Yes, but this stuff is not for personal preferences. It is for
> project-wide preferences and policies, which can be still normally
> overridden or altered locally in each repository.

What you are describing is a nightmare.

Let's assume that a user alters the settings locally.

EVERY SINGLE TIME he does a "cg-commit", those local alterations would get 
committed, since that config file is part of the same project, and cogito 
by default commits all changes.

That's just insane. It means that in practive it's simply not reasonable 
to have your own local copies of that file. So what would you do? You'd 
add more and more hacks to cover this up, and have a "commit-ignore" file 
that ignores the .gitinfo files etc etc. UGLY. All because of a design 

In contrast, let's say that the .gitinfo/xyzzy files were in another 
unrelated branch altogether: that means that normally those files wouldn't 
even be seen by git as being under revision control (the "index" file 
doesn't mention them, nor the tree pointed to by HEAD), but you could, if 
you wanted to, do a simple

        # edit the control files  and check the
        # changes  in to the control stream
        git switch control-files
        .. edit .gitinfo/xyzzy
        git commit --all

        # get back to the real project
        git switch master

and it just works. In the above "git switch" would be exactly the same as
a normal "git checkout", except it's told to not update the current
directory contexts on switch and instead just save the index file away and
restore it. (In contrast, using a full "git checkout" would remove the
real project when switching to the control files, and then again remove
the control files when switching back to the main project).

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