>       git-cvsimport-script -d /var/lib/cvsd/cvsroots -C 
> /var/lib/cvsd/gitroots/FAUmachine FAUmachine
>       <Output of rlog and 'treated as before'>
>       Committing initial tree e30105bb454c40a143689b37c11340f1a8f084b4

>       Unknown: error

I isolated the error to the following:

<lib/pattern-matcher/input/Pic0.ppm> <1.1>

It tries to retrieve version 1.1 of lib/pattern-matcher/input/Pic0.ppm. However
I can't find a single reference to Pic0.ppm:

        (faui02new) [/var/lib/cvsd/cvsroots] grep -rli Pic0.ppm FAUmachine
        (faui02new) [/var/lib/cvsd/cvsroots] find . | grep Pic0.ppm
        (faui02new) [/var/lib/cvsd/cvsroots]


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