Linus Torvalds:
> In particular, they always end up being imported as zero-sized empty
> files, and will be filled in only later if that file is ever touched 
> again. In other words, the resulting git tree ends up being bogus.
That's a problem with the bkcvs tree. Remember tht Bitkeeper does
exactly the same thing -- the 1.0 version of *any* file is empty, and
content appears only in version 1.1.

Well, the bkcvs export preserved that ... "feature".

(Side question - why aren't you doing a direct bk2git import?)

>       Argument "28213 has collisions" isn't numeric in addition (+) at 
> /home/torvalds/bin/git-cvsimport-script line 600, <CVS> line 1.

That's an output from cvsps that is not handled yet.
If you really need it I'll have to investigate.

> Btw, looking at what the perl script _seems_ to do, it does seem to do
> insane things for the local CVS archive case. As far as I can tell from
> the spaghetti that is perl, it uses a CVS server to handle even the local 
> file case, which just _can't_ be right.

Sure it is, because ...

>                                         I realize you'd want to do that to 
> avoid connecting millions of times, but maybe it's better to use something 
> like cvsnup to download the whole thing, and then always use a local CVS 
> archive?

... I don't have a sensible RCS library for perl (the code that I could
find is just a command line front-end). Fork+exec of some cvs checkout
command per file is slower than just running a persistent CVS server.

I've tried other ideas, but they run into problems because some
idiots^Wpeople occasionally tag only parts of a CVS tree, or they do it
at different times, and cvsps has to rearrange stuff in a way the CVS
utilities don't understand, so any higher-level access than "grab a
bunch of files by their revision number and stick them into a commit"
don't work in real life.

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