I'm sure some of you eagle-eyes have already noticed this, but for the
last 24 hours the "owner" field on the main git project at www.kernel.org
hasn't been pointing to yours truly any more. It says "Junio C Hamano"  

The description may still say "Linus' core git plumbing", but I think
that's just because Junio is being shy about things, and not very 
assertive, but the fact is, in the great tag-game of project 
maintainership, Junio is the new "it".

I always said I didn't really want to maintain it in the long run, and 
maybe some of you thought I was just saying that, especially as the weeks 
dragged out to over three months, but hey, that's just because this thing 
ended up being a bit bigger and more professional than I originally even 

Junio was the obvious choice, and since he accepted the maintainership 
position, it means that I don't have to track the git details as closely, 
and can go back to reading the linux kernel mailing list more actively. 

I'll just continue to send patches to Junio instead of applying them to my
tree and pushing them out that way (or maybe I'll try to push any changes
through my slaved git trees instead). In other words, I'm not "dropping" 
git, I just prefer working on it as a contributor rather than trying to 
keep track of everything that happens.

So I don't think much will change, except I suspect Junio will drop fewer
patches on the floor and ask for fewer re-sends or need less prodding ;)

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