Kirby C. Bohling wrote:
On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 10:25:10AM -0400, A Large Angry SCM wrote:
Ryan Anderson wrote:
Convert build process from recurse Make to a single Make

Please explain the rational for this.

I'm new to the list, but given the subject, I'm fairly confident
it's this.


He used the exact wording just about everyone dones when referring
to it conceptually.  It's easy to google for support and rebuttal:

Thanks for the references.

A quick read of the paper and some of the rebuttals make me think that either way (recursive/non-recursive): * require about the same amount of makefile/dependency maintenance work from developers. * allow developers to be lazy in different ways with makefiles/dependencies.
        * achieves the same end.

The non-recursive make method may have a small advantage for developers using Git for their SCM because the Git operations are also performed at the top level due to Git's design.
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