On Thursday 28 July 2005 17:56, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> localhead=remotehead. BTW, this whole multihead mess applies only to Jeffs
> anyway :-)

GIT/Cogito usage is not about linux kernel only.
I actually try to work with a scenario for a project with a few developers, 
where each one should have its branch(es) in the central repository. I think 
this could be quite common among future GIT uses. I even would allow the few 
developers to merge into the central master.

> I just do not see a high demand for mappings of remote and local HEAD
> names, but rather a high potential of making mistakes (after all, it is
> not the machine which makes mistakes, it's the human operator).

I also think it is quite confusing to have different branch names for the same 
head in cloned repositories.

But I also think that Paskys scenario is real, where you want to pull branches 
in 2 remote repositories with the same name.

So why not put the name of the remote repository into the local branch name?
A remote branch "host1:path#branch1" could be named "host1:path#branch1".
The shorthand specified with "cg-add-branch" would be a local alias, i.e.
        (cd .git/refs/heads; ln -s host1:path#branch1 mylocalalias)

I even would find it handy to be able to say
        cg-pull host1:path#branch1
, and
        cg-push mylocalbranch host2:path#branch2
should create the alias "mylocalbranch"="host2:path#branch2"
and create a entry in .git/branches.

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