Darrin Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I just ran git clone against the mainline git repository using both http
> and rsync. http was still quite slow compared to rsync. I expected that
> the http time would be much faster than in the past due to the pack
> file.
> Is there something simple I'm missing?

No, the only thing you missed was that I did not write it to
make it fast, but just to make it work ;-).  The commit walker
simply does not work against a dumb http server repository that
is packed and prune-packed, which is already the case for both
kernel and git repositories.

The thing is, the base pack for the git repository is 1.8MB
currently containing 4500+ objects, while we accumulated 600+
unpacked objects since then which is about ~5MB.  The commit
walker needs to fetched the latter one by one in the old way.

When packed incrementally on top of the base pack, these 600+
unpacked objects compress down to something like 400KB, and I
was hoping we could wait until we accumulate enough to produce
an incremental about a meg or so ...

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