Dear diary, on Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 09:31:34AM CEST, I got a letter
where Sam Ravnborg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> told me that...
> > > While I do not have strong objections to make the build process
> > > go faster, it is somewhat disturbing that the Makefile pieces
> > > maintained in subdirectories need to name things they touch
> > > using paths that include the subdirectory names.  I do not have
> > > a better alternative to suggest, though...
> If the goal is to speed up the build process the only sane way is to fix
> the dependencies. In kbuild fixdep is used to parse the .c file and it
> locates all references to .h files (recursive) and also detects any
> usage of CONFIG_ symbols.
> This part should be relative straightforward to include in git.

FWIW, I made tiny "build system" (inspired by kconfig) for smaller
projects I work on:

Perhaps someone might find that a nice base for further hacking. It
generally appears to work pretty well in practice, although the
automatic dependency tracking might not be perfect.

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
If you want the holes in your knowledge showing up try teaching
someone.  -- Alan Cox
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