On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> While I agree there should be a graceful way to go back to the
> original head from a failed merge situation, I do not think
> "committing the current HEAD" is the right model for the end
> user to think about it.
> Wouldn't using "checkout -f" to revert to the version you would
> want to go back work as expected?

I had the following situation: in a throw away tree I made some changes.
The last conflicted with a change I pulled from somewhere else into the
master, and the best solution was to revert that last change from the
throw away tree. Basically, the result of the merge was identical to
master, i.e. git-status says "nothing to commit". I wanted to document,
however, that I do not want that change from the throw away tree in my
master, even if I keep it in the throw away tree.

I am no longer sure if that was a good thing to do, maybe I should have
fixed it in the throw away tree by merging master there. Or, alternatively
git-commit could check for "nothing to commit" OR "MERGE_HEAD exists".


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