I've been trying to streamline my workflow since I took it over
from Linus, and I think I am getting used to it.  So here is a
short summary of what I am doing in the git.git repository.

Right now, there are two branches on kernel.org git.git
repository.  I would not rewind "master" so if I find out any
screwups and need to do an emergency fix, that fix would go on
top of the tip of "master" (I just did one today X-< due to lack
of testing).

On the other hand, "pu" is rebased every time "master" advances.
They are queued patches I receive in e-mails, and they hopefully
will graduate to be part of "master" when I feel they look OK,
and I feel that objections from the list were non-issues.  Of
course some may drop out without graduating.  Please consider
seeing your patch in "pu" branch an ACK from me, but seeing it
sitting in "pu" for a long time is a sign of trouble.

By the way, do people mind my posting my own patches to the
list?  I keep the same in the "pu" (proposed updates) branch, so
if the list readers think I am just adding noise to the list
traffic, I would stop doing so, and instead just invite
interested people to browse the "pu" branch.

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