Stacked GIT 0.5 release is available from

StGIT is a Python application providing similar functionality to Quilt
(i.e. pushing/popping patches to/from a stack) on top of GIT. These
operations are performed using GIT commands and the patches are stored
as GIT commit objects, allowing easy merging of the StGIT patches into
other repositories using standard GIT functionality.

Note that StGIT is not an SCM interface on top of GIT and it expects a
previously initialised GIT repository. For standard SCM operations,
either use plain GIT commands or the Cogito tool.

For more information, see the README file in the archive.

What's new in this release (the full ChangeLog is in the archive):

      * Improved help for commands
      * 'mail' command to automatically e-mail a range of patches. The
        e-mail format is fully configurable via templates
      * 'import' command to import a GNU diff patch. The patch file can
        be a standard e-mail message or a normal file with the patch
        description at the top
      * 'pull' command to automatically advance the base of the stack
        and merge the changes into the applied patches
      * 'clean' command to delete the empty patches in a series
      * 'rename' command to change the name of a patch
      * '--range' option for the 'export' command
      * '--force' option for the 'new' command to create a patch even if
        there are local changes in the tree
      * Default templates for the 'export' and 'mail' commands
        (installed in /usr/share/stgit/templates/)
      * Bug fixes


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