On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 04:17:25 -0400 Ryan Anderson wrote:

> This is based off of GregKH's script, send-lots-of-email.pl, and
> strives to do all the nice things a good subsystem maintainer does
> when forwarding a patch or 50 upstream:
>       All the prior handlers of the patch, as determined by the
>       Signed-off-by: lines, and/or the author of the commit, are cc:ed
>       on the email.

>       All emails are sent as a reply to the previous email, making it
>       easy to skip a collection of emails that are uninteresting.

Actually, this is the part of GregKH's script which I hate ;)

50 patches sent this way produce an enormous email thread; if someone
then tries to comment on a 40th patch, this part of the thread ends up
far behind the right edge of the message list window in almost any mail
client (and if someone comments on the first patch, the comments are far
from that patch).

Sending a [PATCH 0/N] message with the overall description of the
patchset and then all patches as replies to that message looks much
better in that respect.  However, missing messages in this form are less

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