Hello, guys.

New version of mtkdiff package is available. Changes since last release (20050514) are.

* patchkdiff added.  Idea is from patchview of Randy Dunlap (Hi!).
  patchkdiff can show multiple diff files.

* quiltkdiff rewritten in perl.  It's faster and doesn't push/pop quilt
  repository.  Patches are rolled back and applied in a temporary
  working directory.

* gitkdiff rewritten in perl.  It now works with the new git diff
  output format and a bit faster.  Also, this version can show
  multiple commits.  For example, you can do the following.
  $ git-rev-list HEAD ^OLD_HEAD | gitkdiff -c -r

* modified gitk-1.2.

For more information...


Tarball is available at



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