The people at threatened to uninstall cogito RPM
package from there so that the recent git RPM can be installed
instead, unless cogito is repackaged to depend on core git and
not ship its own copy.

I wanted to see that separation happen anyway, long before I
took it over from Linus.  To help Pasky, I updated the master
branch of git.git repository with the last remaining bit from
git-pb tree ("merge-cache -q" flag) and tagged the version as
v0.99.3, so cogito package can say "Depends: git (>= 0.99.3)" or
some RPM equivalent.

It was a good time to tag anyway, now we have Barkalow commit
walker that natively knows about packed repository, so we can
pull from such over a dumb protocol, albeit sloooooowly.  Aside
from the bugfixes whenever bugs are found and documentation
enrichment, the only major thing remaining I know of is the
head-renaming push (and head-renaming pull).  Sorry, I didn't
have enough time to work on it over the weekend, but I now know
what's involved and have a rough sketch of how it would work.

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