Hi GITers,

So, after you dink around in a GIT tree for a while,
and you discover little bloblets left around by using
git-fsck-cache, what do you do?  How can you clean up

Specifically, I have a GIT tree that shows some dangling
blobs that are unreferenced in my tree.  Not sure how the
got there, but I've verified through git-cat-file that
the contents of many of those blobs are actually validly
represented in my tree.  Yet, fsck suggests they dangle.

So, for each of the various fsck warnings, what can be
done to clean things up and yet maintain integrity in
the tree?  I have apparently unreferenced blobs.  I should
be able to just "rm .git/objects/xx/<sha1>" and be done
with them, right?  What about the other warnings?


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