Dave Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Errrrm, if you don't compile/test those intermediate versions,
> how do you know whether to tag it good/bad ?

I think Sanjoy is saying that they _were_ tested, and suspects
that bisect didn't leave the right versions of the files in the
work tree, so what was compiled and tested were not what bisect
wanted to get tested.  This is theory #2 in Sanjoy's post:

>> 2. git-bisect-script doesn't use -f when it does 'git checkout', so
>>    files that should be updated are not.  Right now I'm in the middle
>>    of recollecting the data with git-bisect-script using -f in all
>>    uses of git checkout (unless that is a really silly idea).

I find this explanation quite plausible, in case it is all my
fault and I apologize for wasting kernel developers' time.

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