Johannes Schindelin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> This may be controversial from the robustness standpoint, so I
>> am placing it in the proposed update queue first.  Discussions
>> on the list very welcomed.
> I'd vote against it: As of now, I can perfectly do
> export PATH=$PATH:/whereever/my/git/is
> git-init-db
> which would not work with this patch.

I take it to mean that you do not mind building but would want
to try it out before installing.

Yes, that is similar to what I meant by "robustness".  Maybe we
could do two things to make it palatable:

 * Instead of $src/templates/Makefile installing in place, give
   it a real 'build' target that creates $src/templates/blt/
   hierarchy and build things there (I expect we would need some
   templates that needs installation specific customization
   later, and really want to avoid making $src/templates
   something that is copied straight out).  "make install" would
   copy it out to the final destination.

 * Make git-init-db create an absolute minimum $GIT_DIR
   structure itself, if the template directory is not available,
   possibly with a warning.

Then, your post-build pre-installation trial can go like this:

    $ make
    $ PATH=`pwd`:"$PATH"
    $ GIT_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY=`pwd`/templates/blt
    $ cd /where/ever
    $ git-init-db

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