Petr Baudis wrote:

-> cg-diff fatal: unable to create new cachefile
fatal: unable to create temp-file

It would be nice if there was at least a way to specify  some  TMPDIR
instead of the current directory in such a situation.

This is a bug in git-diff-* (producing the second error message; the first
error message means failed git-update-cache --refresh but that isn't
fatal). Any reason why prep_temp_blob() works in . instead of $TMPDIR?

I do not know about the first message (cachefile), but the 2nd one is trivial to fix. I implemented a function called git_mkstemp() (path.c and so in libgit) which places the tmpfiles in $TMPDIR and if it's not set in /tmp. The is close to what other programs do.

There are other references to mkstemp() in git where one or two of them may use git_mkstemp() instead, but not in sha1_file.c, since it hardlinks it later on.

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