Junio C Hamano wrote:
If the template files are to become something that always have
to exist, /etc first and then falling back on /usr/share would
make a lot of sense.  But as Johannes Schindelin correctly
argued against the "Use the template mechanism to set up refs/
hierarchy as well." patch [*2*], I think git-init-db should work
when there is no template directory.  In other words, its
primary purpose is to help local project administrators ensure
newly created repositories have hooks and probably info/exclude
that they recommend to the project members.

So templates are project specific.

The reason to have a sample one shipped as part of the core
package is just to help newbies --- they would get a boilerplate
hooks/update that explains how they can set it up when they do
git-init-db even when they do not have their own customized set
of templates yet.  For this kind of use, I do not think one
default falling back to another is needed.

Shipping samples with the plumbing makes sense, especially when the documentation in is insufficient. But installing the samples as part of the default install process seems less than desirable. Or, alternately, install the samples in with the documentation as (non-executable) examples.

*1* This would probably break Linus, myself and others ---
everybody has to say "make prefix=$HOME", so I do not think I am
actually going to do it any time soon, if ever.

Having prefix=/usr/local as default only helps people who are
installing system-wide from the source, and nobody else.  People
who are writing spec.in and/or debian/rules need to override it
to prefix=/usr anyway, and it forces people who are installing
to their home to say prefix=$HOME/.  I suspect it is an inertia
from the good old days when nobody used binary distributions.

Rather than changing the default install location in such a way as to make half the user unhappy, make everybody (un)happy by removing the default and forcing it to be specified when make is executed.
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