Marco Costalba wrote:

>Linus Torvalds wrote:
>>- Any chance of having a git archive of qgit? I realize that sourceforge 
>>  doesn't have git archives, but (a) maybe you can ask and (b) maybe 
>>  there are alternate places you could put it. It's just sad having to 
>>  download tar-balls.
>I will try to proceed from (a) to, eventually, (b).

Apart from using a public git archive, (I already use my private one ;-)) 
the other points should be fixed now by a fresh qgit-0.82

Download link (still tarball for now) is:


- replaced jump-over-bumps with horizontal lines

- set graph bullets a bit smaller  

- no more word wrapping in diff and file viewers

- fixed display of e-mail addresses in commit messages


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