Paul Mackerras <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Linus Torvalds writes:
>> This adds a useful "Parent:" line to the git commit information window.
> Cool!  Applied and pushed out.

Thanks.  Merged and pushed out.

> I have been thinking about adding dialog windows to allow the user to
> select which repository and which range of commits they want to look at.
> Do you think that would be useful for you?

"Which repository to look at" would be like restarting if you
need to lose history information, in which case it would not be
so useful at least for me (an extra command line option to limit
the range with specifying GIT_DIR environment variable would
work equally well).  If you can do that without losing history
when the new repository to look at is the same as the old one,
or similar to the old one, then that would be useful.

After starting up, without losing history information, if I can
tell it to re-read the refs, because I made some changes to the
repository while gitk was not looking, that would be very
useful.  But I hope your "switching repository" logic would do
exactly that when I tell it to switch to the same repository.

If there was an option, either runtime configurable or command
line, to cause gitk slurp not just refs/heads and refs/tags but
everything under refs/* recursively, that would help visualizing
the bisect status.  bisect creates bunch of commit object names
in refs/bisect.

If you can pop-up a transient window that shows the tag object
comments when I hover over a tag icon for 2 seconds, and remove
that transient window when stepping outside, that would be a
useful addition.  I do not currently see any way to inspect the
tag itself, not the commit that is pointed at by the tag.

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