Johannes Schindelin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Since there are not many users of git-commit's *-m* flag right now: Is it 
> necessary to confuse CVS people, who expect to be able to write
>       git commit -m "I did this and that"
> I do not want to be too intrusive, but I think up to now there is just the 
> mailbox tools which use this feature, and users of git-reset. Thoughts?

I could be talked into renaming the option to something else and
using -m in a way that is CVS compatible.

That flag originally came from JIT, which uses:

  -M <commit>   literally take the commit message, no editing necessary;
  -m <commit>   start with commit message in this one but have user edit;

  -l <file>     use the log message in this file;
  -l -          read the log message from stdin.

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