On Mon, 8 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Johannes, could you sanity check the commit change I have in the
> proposed updates branch when things percolate through kernel.org
> mirror network?  I ended up pushing it out before I found you
> already did a patch.

I just checked. Three nitpicks:

- I don't like the GNU way to abbreviate long options too much. Either you 
  know exactly what you're doing, and you use the short form, or you want 
  to make sure that you have spelt it correctly. Besides, it makes the 
  code less readable and more prone to errors.

- Multiple -m options was actually a feature of my version of the patch.

- The "case .. in x) .. ;; esac;" construct is sometimes more confusing 
  than a simple "if", or even a "[ .. = x ] && ..".

As I said, just nitpicks. I didn't test, though. I'll do that when the 
commit is in the master branch :-) Maybe I'll even write my first git test 
case, who knows?


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