Matthias Urlichs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Cogito 0.12.1 (which includes git) has been packaged by Sebastian
> Kuzminsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>; it's in Debian Unstable. I assume
> he'll do something about packaging the current version; I just filed a
> wishlist bug in Debian.
> The current "cogito" package in Debian renames both the git and cg
> command line programs because there are already packages with conflicting
> commands in Debian ("git" and "cgvg"). I consider that to be a mistake,
> to be honest.

I agree completely - it's super bogus to rename the two central programs.
It makes Debian essentially incompatible with the rest of the world.

My cogito Debian package initially conflicted with the original git
(GNU Interactive Tools), so that both could install /usr/bin/git, but
I got flamed pretty good for this on the debian-devel list, and as a
junior maintainer I followed the recommendations of the more experienced
maintainers - renaming "our" git executable was their choice.

I even suggested using update-alternatives, but that was nixed too.

I predict the current "native" debian package of git will be critizised
for the same reason: because it conflicts with GNU Interactive
Tools.  Before uploading it to the Debian archive I (or someone)
will have to either mangle it like cogito.deb (renaming /usr/bin/git
to /usr/bin/something-else), or convince the Debian people to change
their minds.  If it's the former, I assume everyone who cares will just
compile their own version of git and install that.

Sebastian Kuzminsky
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