Sam Ravnborg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > 
> > Anyway, enough of this.  I understand the name will not change and I'm
> > ok with that.  I'll deal with it on our (Debian's) end.
> The easy fix is to kill the small git script that is not
> mandatory anyway (as far as my quick grep told me).
> The cg script has a bit more value.

Tried that too, and I got the bug reports to prove it.  ;-)

The problem there is that tons of docs and webpages and mailing list
archives talk about running "git this" and "git that".  So the poor
confused Debian user tries the recipe and gets "command not found", and
gives up in disgust.  Or worse, mails the git list saying it doesnt work,
and wasting everyones time debugging the intentional package mungling.

Really, the bottom line is we should all mean the same thing when we say
"git-core" and "cogito".

Sebastian Kuzminsky
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