Gene Heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>    rank  name            inst    vote     old recent
>>    6591  git              114      24      83      7
>>    25555 git-core           2       1       0      1 (Not in sid)
>>    29939 cogito-scm         1       0       1      0 (Not in sid)
> This obviously is not even a fair assesment of the potential
> popularity of this new kernel package admin tool.  By holding to this
> attitude, you will surely alienate linux users away from debian.

> If so far, only 114 people out of the 7147 who were kind enough to
> fill out a questionaire have installed the debian 'git' and 24 report
> that they are using this tool, then obviously once a stable release of
> the Linus version of git has been achieved, the user count of the new
> tool will handily exceed the user count of the older and totally
> different toolkit from gnu.  This will occur within 24 hours of a
> working, stable release of the Linus git.  Possibly aleady has
> occured, I have it (the rpm) here already.

I suspect you are confused.  The entry "git" in above table is
the GNU interactive tools and comment about 114/7147 ratio is
about GNU interactive tools, not our GIT.  Ours are "git-core"
and "cogito-scm", marked as "Not in sid".  I do not understand
why you think my attitude would alienate users away from debian.

As you say, when it is included in the official archive, I
expect our numbers would exceed "the other GIT" very quickly.

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