Johannes Schindelin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Note the missing "\ No newline at end of file". The same happens on 
> sourceforge's compile farm's OS 10.1 server, but not on its OS 10.2 
> server.
> How to go about that? Silently ignore the missing line in apply.c? Force 
> users to update their diff to a sane version?

Hmph.  We could tackle this two ways.  We probably _could_
special case the trailing newline case if this problem is
widespread, but a more general solution would be to teach
git-apply '--fuzz'.  On the other hand, we could configure to
use gdiff (or whatever GNU diff is called on those hosts with
broken diff command) at the build time.  Probably it would be
the bast to have an explicit option --fuzz to git-apply.

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