On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Dave Jones wrote:
>  > Git actually has a _lot_ of nifty tools. I didn't realize that people 
>  > didn't know about such basic stuff as "git-tar-tree" and "git-ls-files". 
> Maybe its because things are moving so fast :)  Or maybe I just wasn't
> paying attention on that day. (I even read the git changes via RSS,
> so I should have no excuse).

Well, git-tar-tree has been there since late April - it's actually one of 
those really early commands. I'm pretty sure the RSS feed came later ;)

I use it all the time in doing releases, it's a lot faster than creating a 
tar tree by reading the filesystem (even if you don't have to check things 
out). A hidden pearl.

This is my crappy "release-script":

        [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ cat bin/release-script
        echo "# git-tag-script v$new"
        echo "git-tar-tree v$new linux-$new | gzip -9 > ../linux-$new.tar.gz"
        echo "git-diff-tree -p v$stable v$new | gzip -9 > ../patch-$new.gz"
        echo "git-rev-list --pretty v$new ^v$last > ../ChangeLog-$new"
        echo "git-rev-list --pretty=short v$new ^v$last | git-shortlog > 
        echo "git-diff-tree -p v$last v$new | git-apply --stat > 

and when I want to do a new kernel release I literally first tag it, and 
then do

        release-script 2.6.12 2.6.13-rc6 2.6.13-rc7

and check that things look sane, and then just cut-and-paste the commands.

Yeah, it's stupid.

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