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-       The Cogito Version Control System
-       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+The Cogito Version Control System
 Cogito is a version control system layered on top of the git tree history
 storage system. Note that you can MOSTLY use it in parallel of other GIT
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ We shall first describe some quick ways 
 over each available command one by one.
-       Downloading Cogito From Scratch
+Downloading Cogito From Scratch
 Cogito can be obtained as a tarball from
@@ -39,13 +40,15 @@ The following tools are optional but str
                   preferred over the BSD variants)
-        Starting a Fresh GIT Repository
+Starting a Fresh GIT Repository
 If you want to start your own project using Cogito, there are two basic ways
 to do this. You may start a fresh repository with no files in it, or you may
 take an existing directory tree and turn it into a GIT repository.
-       Starting an Empty Repository
+Starting an Empty Repository
 To create a new repository with no files in it, cd into an empty directory,
 and give the following command:
@@ -59,7 +62,8 @@ That's it! You're now in your own GIT re
 directory. Go into it and look around, but don't change anything in there.
 That's what Cogito commands are for.
-       Turning an Existing Directory Into a Repository
+Turning an Existing Directory Into a Repository
 If you have a directory full of files, you can easily turn this into a
 GIT repository. In fact, it is virtually the same as starting an empty
@@ -73,9 +77,11 @@ editor, and you're good to go. All of th
 directory are now part of a GIT archive.
-       Accessing Someone Else's GIT Repository
+Accessing Someone Else's GIT Repository
-       Creating the Repository
+Creating the Repository
 If you want to get started tracking an outside GIT repository, you first
 must have Cogito's executables on your $PATH. Next, you need the URL (or
@@ -114,7 +120,8 @@ When you get your prompt back, do an ls 
-    Tracking Others' Work
+Tracking Others' Work
 Of course, once you have cloned a repository, you don't just want to leave
 it at that. The upstream sources are constantly being updated, and you want
@@ -170,7 +177,8 @@ since your cg-pull. The alternative and 
 the cg-merge command, which we shall describe later.
-       Other Stuff
+Other Stuff
 If there are any changes, two IDs will be printed (I mean the line saying
 "Tree change"). Pass those as parameters to cg-diff and you will get a diff
@@ -222,10 +230,11 @@ Note that we missed out a lot of stuff h
 for merging (cg-merge), moving your tree to an older commit (cg-seek), etc.
-       Getting Help
+Getting Help
 Cogito commands come with their own helpful documentation. To get help on
-cg-update, for example, give this command:
+cg-pull, for example, give this command:
        $ cg-pull --help
@@ -233,6 +242,9 @@ or, for the same information, try this:
        $ cg-help cg-pull
+Additionally, the man pages for the individual commands can be used as a
 You can ask thoughtful questions and make suggestions on the GIT mailing list:

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