Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Rewrite refs in place in receive-pack & friends
> When updating a ref, it would write a new file with the new ref and
> then rename it, overwriting the original file. The problem is that
> this destroys permissions and ownership of the original file, which is
> troublesome especially in multiuser environment, like the one I live in.

Hmph.  If a repo is _really_ used multiuser then you should not
have to care about ownership.  If you can write into a
repository for a project (implying that you are a member of that
project group), and if your umask is set up correctly (meaning
it is 002 or looser), and with g+s bit on the directory at the
repository root level when it was created, shouldn't your newly
created ref file be also writable by others in that project?

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