Is there (in cogito) a way to  start  a  branch  off  from  an  older

Assume I receive a patch whichis based on an old version which I want
to test first (and resolve problems) in a separate branch.

This was what I tried:

* Clone main repo:
        -> cg-clone /git/u-boot u-boot-testing 
* Identify wanted branch point and seek to it:
        -> cd u-boot-testing
        -> cg-seek 024447b186cca55c2d803ab96b4c8f8674363b86
* Apply patch

Now how to proceed?

I can add  new  files  created  by  the  patch  using  "cg-add",  but
cg-status  says  "Changes recording BLOCKED: seeked from master", and
cg-commit says "committing blocked: seeked from master", too.

However, when I now seek back I get this:

        -> cg-seek
        Warning: uncommitted local changes, trying to bring them along

which then results in a couple of conflicts which are probably to  be

So I tried this (after throwing away and re-creating my cloned repo):

* Uncommit the commit following the one I want to keep:
        -> cg-admin-uncommit 342717f72a2f92a14b9c823546e5bcec244f8bf4
        -> cg-reset
* cg-status reports a couple of unknown files (those added later to
  the tree); I manually removed these
* Apply patch
* Check in modifications
* Clone another tree
        -> cg-clone /git/u-boot u-boot-test-merge
        -> cd u-boot-test-merge
* Create branch for the stuff to be tested
        -> cg-branch-add testing-NAND /work/u-boot-testing
* Pull and merge:
        -> cg-pull testing-NAND
        -> cg-merge testing-NAND

This works as intended, but seems to be a bit  circuitous  to  me;  I
think this is probably a pretty common situation and there might be a
simpler approach which I am missing?

[If possible I'd like to use cogito only, but if there  is  a  clever
way to do this using git-core commands I'm interested, too.]

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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