On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Matt Draisey wrote:
> The behaviour of the symlinked in ref directories has changed from
> earlier versions of git.

Hmm.. There used to be a mix of lstat() (in receive-pack) and stat() (in 
fsck-cache.c, and it got standardized in one function which used lstat.

The reason for the lstat is really to try to avoid having especially the 
remote protocols follow symlinks, but I guess it's not a very good reason, 
so I don't think it would be wrong to just standardize refs.c to use 
"stat()" instead.

You might sent a patch to Junio..

HOWEVER: symlinks for references really are pretty dangerous. We do things 
like "echo new-id > .git/HEAD" and links (symlinks _or_ hardlinks) thus 
really aren't safe. You're much better off copying those small files.

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