On Saturday 13 August 2005 11:08, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Also add --verify to make sure the lines you introduced are
> clean, which is more useful in commit but not very much in
> format-patch as it was originally implemented, because finding
> botches at format-patch time is too late.

I think that verification of/commenting on commits at/before commit time is a 
perfect place for another hook script (or collection of verification 

People probably want to check a new commit on identation/coding style on a 
per-project manner. The hook also should be able to give warnings/hints by 
adding text to the commit message (e.g. "please do not use 'fgetc'" / 
"doublecheck quoting in system()", ...) without rejecting the commit as a 
whole. It could even be allowed to edit the code before commit.

These verification scripts should be used per default, and git-commit should 
have an option to force bypassing verification.

If I get some time, I can come up with a patch.

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