Martin Langhoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Following an extenal repo, I am not getting all the heads. This is by
> design, AFAIK, and the question is how do I find what heads the repo
> offers and pull them in so I can call them by name?

I suspect the Subject: line and your question do not mesh well,
but anyway..

        $ git ls-remote
        2150cc99fe29fd81db1e9c5971e13bcb78373ebf        refs/heads/master
        ce1eb6614e4e8308585b75029ad0823389890eb9        refs/heads/pu
        14fb44880c1143ae0259842c808c036e78b516f6        refs/heads/rc
        0918385dbd9656cab0d1d81ba7453d49bbc16250        refs/tags/junio-gpg-pub
        d6602ec5194c87b0fc87103ca4d67251c76f233a        refs/tags/v0.99
        f25a265a342aed6041ab0cc484224d9ca54b6f41        refs/tags/v0.99.1
        c5db5456ae3b0873fc659c19fafdde22313cc441        refs/tags/v0.99.2
        7ceca275d047c90c0c7d5afb13ab97efdf51bd6e        refs/tags/v0.99.3
        b3e9704ecdf48869f635f0aa99ddfb513f885aff        refs/tags/v0.99.4

NOTE.  When talking to http(s) URL, the server side needs to be
prepared to support the dumb server protocol.  That is, to have
run git-update-server-info there whenever the repository is
updated.  Other transports do not have this restriction.


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