Yasushi SHOJI <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> parepare_temp_file() and diff_populate_filespec() has a lot in
> similarity. so it'd be nice to refactor some. and re-introduce
> diff_free_filespec_data() and call right after prep_temp_blob() in
> prepare_temp_file().

Another thing that may (or may not) help would be to move that
prepare_temp_file() and stuff to happen in the forked child
process instead of the parent, so that we do not have to worry
about freeing the buffer; it has been some time since I worked
on that part of the code so this may not be an option to make
things easier.

> Junio, did you also mean to clean-up these functions when you said in
> the thread of "Re: gitweb - option to disable rename detection"?

No.  I was talking about cleaning up the similar option parsing
code, and the call into diffcore_std() which takes more
arguments every time a new option is added to the family.

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