Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>>Johannes Schindelin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>>Maybe we should enhance git-applymbox to detect whitespace corruption in 
>>>particular, and output the User-Agent header (or if that does not 
>>>exist, the Message-ID header; thanks, pine) on error.
> Alternatively, SubmittingPatches could include a big fat CAVEAT, and a 
> note that the submitter might want to send a single SP to herself, save 
> the received mail and check that all is well, prior to sending the first 
> patch. I mean, well, erm, it is sort of, uh, annoying, to send out a 
> corrupt patch *speaksofyourstruly*.

Here are some hints on how to successfully submit patches inline using

This recipe appears to work with the current [*1*] Thunderbird from Suse.

The following Thunderbird extensions are needed:
        AboutConfig 0.5
        External Editor 0.5.4

1) Prepare the patch as a text file using your method of choice.

2) Before opening a compose window, use Edit->Account Settings to
uncheck the "Compose messages in HTML format" setting in the
"Composition & Addressing" panel of the account to be used to send the
patch. [*2*]

3) In the main Thunderbird window, _before_ you open the compose window
for the patch, use Tools->about:config to set the following to the
indicated values:
        mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed  => false
        mailnews.wraplength             => 999

4) Open a compose window and click the external editor icon.

5) In the external editor window, read in the patch file and exit the
editor normally.

6) Back in the compose window: Add whatever other text you wish to the
message, complete the addressing and subject fields, and press send.

7) Optionally, undo the about:config/account settings changes made in
steps 2 & 3.

*1* Version 1.0 (20041207) from the MozillaThunderbird-1.0-5 rpm of Suse
9.3 professional updates.

*2* It may be possible to do this with about:config and the following
settings but I haven't tried, yet.
        mail.html_compose                       => false
        mail.identity.default.compose_html      => false          => false
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