On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > It might be worth putting the list of things left to do before 1.0 in the
> > tree (since they clearly covary), and it would be useful to know what
> > you're thinking of as preventing the release at any particular stage.
> Yeah, yeah.  Call me lazy.
> Excerpts from my "last mile to 1.0", my Itchlist, and pieces from
> random other messages since then.
> - Documentation. [I really need help here --- among ~7000 lines
>   there, I've written around 2500 lines, David Greaves another
>   2500, and Linus 1400.  And it is not very easy to proofread
>   what you wrote yourself.]

I'm not sure how done this can actually get before some sort of feature
freeze; the best ways to do things keeps changing as more convenient ways
are added. Once the new stuff is diverted to post-1.0, I'd be interested
in going through it.

> - git prune and git fsck-cache; think about their interactions
>   with an object database that borrows from another.  This
>   includes the case where .git/objects itself is symlinked to
>   somewhere else (i.e. running "git prune" that somewhere else
>   without consulting this repository would lose objects), and
>   alternates pointing at somewhere else (i.e. ditto).

It should be fine, but only if .git/refs is symlinked to the matching
place; this gives you the same repository with multiple working trees.
Having refs/ and objects/ directories that aren't always together would be
much less safe.

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