On Tue, 2005-08-16 at 23:26 +1200, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> I haven't seen this problem myself. There are some recent patches
> Junio merged that handle some oddities better. Give the 'pu' branch a
> go if you can.

I'll look at that in a bit. I already picked up a few of the patches
mentioned on the list.

> I take it that the repo is not public. I'd like to try and reproduce
> the problem. Can you get it to happen with a public repository?

I'm afraid not. However I think I've found a problem when I tried
running cvsps on its own to generate the patchset. It seems that
REV_STR_MAX (cvsps-2.1/cvsps_types.h) wasn't big enough to contain some
of our version strings.

This will be a feature of our development process which means all
changes are based of branches, some of which branch multiple times and
live for a long time before code is merged into the mainline. I don't
know if any open source projects use CVS in such a way.

My import seems to be getting a lot further now. I now just need to
clean out the corrupted files that are breaking cvs log.

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New systems generate new problems.

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