Amos Waterland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> For people whose workflow involves switching back and forth between a
> lot of branches, it can be really helpful to be able to quickly tell
> which branch you are on and which ones are available.  This patch
> introduces a small script that when invoked as `git branches' prints a
> list of available branches with a star in front of the one you are on:
>  $ cd linux-2.6/
>  $ git checkout -b ppc64-cleanups
>  $ git checkout -b ppc64-new-devel
>  $ git checkout -b ppc64-all-merge
>  $ git branches
>    master
>  * ppc64-all-merge
>    ppc64-cleanups
>    ppc64-new-devel

I would prefer to using some git command compared to 'ls -l
.git/refs/heads/'. In my opinion there is a need for this command and
it should be included.

But my immediate concern was that there is already 'git branch'
command and 'git branches' is too similar. I think they should be
merged. I have a patch coming up.

Kalle Valo

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