On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Comments: Wouldn't that mean git-*-scripts would not benefit from this
>           because git-sh-setup would set GIT_DIR for you even if
>           you don't?

As it stands now, yes. But the point being that if people like this, then 
I'll just change the git-sh-setup-script accordingly. For example, once 
git-diff-tree also does the same thing, then "git-diff-script" would have 
no reason left to even call the current git-sh-setup-script at all, since 
the git-diff-* commands would basically do the setup _and_ report the 
errors that git-sh-setup-script does now.

>         If you can do "cd drivers && git-diff-files ../net"
>         that would be very useful.

I don't do that right now, but it's actually very easy to do in the 
setup_git_directory() function. It falls out very simply there - both the 
"./" and the "../" prefix would make tons of sense to handle there.

Do you want to take the current patch (which buys you very little because 
not a lot of stuff has been set up to deal with it, but is the basis for 
all future work anyway) or do you want me to polish it up a bit and 
re-submit the whole thing?

I'd do at least the "git-diff-tree" part and the "./" and "../" handling,
and convert at least the "git diff" thing to the new world order and away
from git-sh-setup-script?

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