cg-diff reports error when comparing identical trees.  It's not as
useless as it may seem.  For example, I make local changes, e-mail them
upstream and then get them back via cg-update with minor changes.  I
revert the minor differences between master and origin.  Here's what I
get when I want to make sure the trees are identical (their history is

$ cg-diff -r origin:master
cg-diff: trying to diff b00f462cee5b02455abdbb476fa7c9e94a9fcb4c against

What's worse, cg-diff exists with exit status 1, indicating an error.  I
don't see any reason for this to be an error.  No difference between
branches is OK.  This may be especially important when cg-diff is used
non-interactively in a script.

Signed-off-by: Pavel Roskin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

diff --git a/cg-diff b/cg-diff
--- a/cg-diff
+++ b/cg-diff
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ fi
 id1=$(tree-id "$id1") || exit 1
 id2=$(tree-id "$id2") || exit 1
-[ "$id1" = "$id2" ] && die "trying to diff $id1 against itself"
+[ "$id1" = "$id2" ] && exit 0
 cat $filter | xargs git-diff-tree -r -p $id1 $id2 | colorize | pager

Pavel Roskin

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