On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> This fixes up usage of ".." (without an ending slash) and "." (with or 
> without the ending slash) in the git diff family.

Btw, if it wasn't clear, with this patch you can now do

        git diff .

and it will show the diffs for everything under the current working 
directory. Similarly, you can do

        git diff ./drivers

or something like

        cd arch/i386
        git diff . ../x86-64 

and it will do the obvious thing (the "obvious thing" in the latter case
is to show the diffs for everything under _both_ arch/i386 and
arch/x86-64, but not anything outside of that - the path pattern gets
rewritten to "arch/i386" and "arch/x86-64").


PS. A number of the other "work tree" ops can be similarly extended to
DTRT in git project subdirectories, but I wanted to finish off the "git
diff" family first, and get that one all done. I think I'm done now, and I
might tackle the other things (git-update-cache, git-checkout-cache,
git-commit-script, etc) tomorrow.
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