Johannes Schindelin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> That may be true, but CVS branches being named "H.ANdnsel/Gretel" do not 
> logically denote hierarchies. I never ever saw hierarchical CVS branch 
> names with a "/" separator. I saw some with a "." separator.
> My feeling is that it would be wrong to map CVS branch names to a 
> hierarchy.

Although I've used / in CVS branch names to denote hierarchy,
I now agree with you for a different reason.  A CVS repository
can have branches "Hnsel" and "Hnsel/Gretel" at the same time,
which we cannot express it with '/'.

However, this may make CVS tags Hnsel/Gretel and Hnsel-Gretel
clash, so maybe the name mangling should be made somehow

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