David Kågedal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The git-cvsimport-script had a copule of small bugs that prevented me
> from importing a big CVS repository.
> The first was that it didn't handle removed files with a multi-digit
> primary revision number.

I noticed that this patch was accepted, which is great.  But there is
a problem with the character encoding in the commit message.

The commit in question is b0921331030d52febf52839753eee1b2b9ca1f24

The "author" field is written as "iso-8859-1?Q?David_K=E5gedal
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>", which is taken from the "From:" line in my
email.  This should be decoded by the patch import script before
generating the commit message.

But the trickier question is what encoding to use in the commit

This is the signed-off line in my mail:

  Signed-off-by: David Kågedal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

This is what appears in the commit:

  Signed-off-by: David K?5gedal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Using ISO-8859-15 or UTF-8 would probably have made more sense here.

Apparently, my mail was encoded as QP, which is not very popular
around here.  But it seems that the diff part was decoded properly
before applying.  Was that done manually?

Since my name contains a character that is not part of ASCII, it isn't
really an option to send the mails encoded as ASCII.  I could probably
convince my mailer (Gnus) to send it as "8bit" or "binary", but that
is a pretty limited solution.  An it isn't even legal to use anything
but ASCII in the mail header.

David Kågedal

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