Marco Costalba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>      A particular state of files and directories which was stored in
>>      the object database. It is referenced by a commit object.
>>commit object::
>>      An object which contains the information about a particular
>>      revision, such as parents, committer, author, date and the
>>      tree object which corresponds to the top directory of the
>>      stored revision.
> So 'revision' is the struct and 'commit object' the pointer ;-)

It would be more like "revision" is a concept represented (not
"referenced") by a commit object.

>>      A collection of refs together with an object database containing
>>      all objects, which are reachable from the refs. A repository can
>>      share an object database with other repositories.
> In a lot of git documentation, starting from the tutorial, it is used 'git 
> archive' 
> but peraphs 'repository' is more a standard definition for an SCM archive. 
> Just archive peraphs is too generic, also a tarball is an archive :-)

Agreed.  I personally think the word "archive" on this list came
from people who have some degree of tla background.  CVS and SVN
people would have said repository.

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