Martin Langhoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After using arch for a while, I've gotten used to getting .rej and
> .orig files instead of big ugly conflict markers inside the file.
> Emacs has a nice 'diff' mode that is a boon when dealing with
> conflicts this way.
> Is there a way to convince cogito/git to leave reject files around?
> What utility is git using to do the merges? Or at least: where should
> I look?

You could have a look at StGIT as well. The tool you use for merges is
configurable via the stgitrc file (diff3 is used by default, which
leaves markers in the file). StGIT also leaves the 3 files involved in
the tree-way merge as <file>.{older,local,remote} for further

If you prefer other tool than diff3, you can define it in the stgitrc
file. Two examples are given for emacs and xxdiff. You could also
write a small script which invokes diff3 by default and, if it fails,
run the emacs ediff-merge-files-with-ancestor function.


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