On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:

>     $ git checkout pu
>     $ git reset master
> This checks out the head of "pu" branch, and then resets the
> index file to match "master" and updates .git/refs/heads/pu.
> What it does _not_ do is to update my working tree to match the
> index file.  Linus recommends to do "git checkout -f" at this
> point, but I typically do this instead:
>     $ git diff -R -p | git apply
> Note.  This is an embarrassingly expensive way; the only thing
> it buys me over "git checkout -f" is that it removes the files
> that were introduced in "pu" branch that did not exist in the
> "master" head.  I have to come up with a not so expensive way to
> do this.

How about this?

  $ git reset master
  $ rm -i $(git-diff-tree ORIG_HEAD HEAD | grep "^.\{97\}D" | cut -c 100-)
  $ git checkout -f


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