Hi all,

On SF there is an update of qgit, a git GUI viewer (and lately also 
committer and patch exchanger ;-) )


This time I have added the interfaces to import and export patches by 
git-format-patch-script and git-applymbox.

As a side effect it is now possible to drag and drop a set of 
selected revisions between two instances of qgit (there is also the 
new menu entry 'open in a new window';-) )

Other updates include complete recursive search of refs under .git/refs/ and 
highlight according to type: current branch(HEAD), branch, tag, other.

And new is also graft support, thanks to Linus hint of --parents flag in 

Under the hood a reworked and much more powerful error handling and reporting 
code and a better commit.

As usual the shop is open for suggestions/requests and bug reports.


Complete ChangeLog from last announced release:

21/8/2005 qgit-0.93

- added drag and drop of selected revs between qgit instances: using  
  git-format-patch in dragging archive and git-applymbox in dropping 
  archive to transfer the revisions patches.
  Instances can be open with menu->file->'open in a new window' or simply 
  from the shell.

- added GUI interface to git-applymbox to import patches

- added refs highlight, now any reference found recursively under .git/refs/
  is highlighted according to its type: current branch(HEAD), branch, tag, 

- added graft support using --parents flag in git-rev-list

- added custom options setting for commit dialog (interface to 

- added --signoff option to patch format

- reworked error reporting infrastructure, now much more powerful
  and informative in case of git command execution failure

- various small bug fixes and GUI tweaks

>From qgit-0.92
- fix a bad crash when running qgit --all on archives with

- added 'Make Tag' menu entry

- a compile fix for Debian users, reported by Martin Langhoff

- various small tweaks to GUI

>From qgit-0.91
- fix a build problem on some platform, spotted and
  fixed by Bernhard Schiffner.

- added line and col number in commit viewer

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